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*NEW* Oracle Readings Denise provides Oracle Reading sessions that are 1.5 hours long to assist you in gaining clarity and insight. Denise uses her own artwork image cards as well as Tarot and other oracle decks in her readings. All sessions are reiki-infused, with client permission, and offer a grounding and relaxing experience from which to explore matters of concern. $100. Please contact Denise at 780-265-0047 or email at [email protected]

Package prices for 1.5 hour sessions: 

3 sessions $275

5 sessions $400

Please note that financial barriers need not be a barrier for service. Payment plans and "in kind" exchanges available when applicable. Please discuss with Denise prior to booking.

*NEW* Oracle Expressive Art Nights  Expressive Arts Nights are a fun exploration of your own creativity and inner wisdom. Modeled somewhat on the popular "paint nights" where artists instruct participants on painting a predetermined image, Oracle Expressive Art Nights differ in that we are allowing ourselves free play to make spontaneous images that provide messages from your own inner wisdom on a question or two that you'd like to explore. With Denise's guidance and support, you tap into your own intuition and play in your own creative energy. It's a great way to cut loose as well as discover some of your own answers to life's perplexities. NO ARTISTIC SKILL REQUIRED! Also, we are not limited to nights. Oracle Expressive Art Days are also available! Book and hold a party in your home or office (minimum 6 participants). The cost to each participant is $30 which includes art supplies. Host/hostess plays at no charge and receives an hour of Denise's time to more deeply process his/her artwork and/or receive a reiki treatment. Please contact Denise at 780-265-0047 or email at [email protected]

Individual Expressive Art Sessions Meet your Muse, explore your internal landscapes, discover the answers to puzzling life situations and more in one to one sessions with Denise.  No art experience necessary. Sessions are 1.5 hours.  $100 (includes supplies)

 Workshops can be designed for your group for team building, creativity coaching, spiritual growth, managing change and more.  Prices include workshop development and delivery, art supplies and any follow up as required.  Contact Denise at [email protected] with your ideas, bedevilments and queries to discuss a cost-effective seminar that works for you.


Soul Mask Making Journey A relaxing and healing "rebirth" experience facilitated by Denise.  Groups or one-to-one.  Denise takes participants on a guided journey to connect with a higher aspect of the self that is ready to be birthed or given voice.  Using wet plaster gauze strips, a mask of your own face is created.  You have the option of painting and decorating it yourself as an expression of the higher energy that is emerging in you.  Or, Denise can paint it for you as a unique "portrait" expression of the higher energy manifesting.  Please contact Denise at [email protected] for more information.


Divas by Design  An 8 week Expressive Arts experience for girls aged 13 - 18.   When you see the word ?Diva? what do you think of?  I think of a strong, self-directed and talented female.  Someone who knows who she is, and knows what she wants.  She designs her life so that she can go out and get it!  In this 8 week workshop some of the things we will explore include:   Power Tools for Smart Designing, Body Image, Strengths, Talents and Supports, and Personal Empowerment.  Please contact Denise at [email protected] for more information.


My Super Hero Self A 6-week Expressive Arts program for youth aged 12 to 15.  We will be using art and other creative activities to have magical adventures with our imaginations.  This is about having fun, finding our own personal inner Super Hero or Super Heroine and considering how our special strengths and "magical powers" can help us with our real life problems.  We will be making art in a number of different ways including drawing, painting, and sculpting.  We will create skits and act out our own adventure hero story where we encounter monsters or dragons and, using our special powers, we are guaranteed to win!  No artistic ability is required.  Just bring your imagination, curiosity and openness to adventure. Please contact Denise at [email protected] for more information.



Explore Your Spiritual Path Via ?The Artist?s Way"

This 12-week gathering of curious and creative souls will use Julia Cameron?s ?The Artist?s Way? as our guide.  Please purchase a copy prior to the workshop at any Chapters or order online through Amazon.  We are all artists.  Many of us have lost sight of this or have lost faith in this truth.  Not to worry!  Together we can recover that creative muse that lives inside you.  The art-fuelled journey over the 12 week period will spill over into the other aspects of your life as well, bringing more balance and sense of purpose.  Ultimately your own life is the masterpiece you create.  These 12 weeks are one Port of Call on that journey.  Come prepared to play and explore.  $360 $50 materials fee Please contact Denise at[email protected] for more information.      


 Art as Oracle Exploration Workshop: One Day Workshop The language of the soul is images.  Our dreams speak to us in that language.  Oracle cards also speak to us in that way.  So can your art!  Our Soul is our Wise Inner Guide and fulfilling the Soul?s purpose IS our purpose!  Using a variety of art materials, create images that offer insight and guidance to specific questions you have.  Denise will lead you through a centering exercise to connect with your inner knowing and inner artist and then turn you loose to play with the art materials.  The image-making is followed by a journaling process that helps you understand your own soul?s images.  This workshop opens to door to what could become a deeper process.  Suggestions for engaging with your own process beyond the workshop will be provided.  It is suggested that you come with your journal and pen.  $100 includes materials. Please contact Denise at [email protected] for more information.


Creative Crones ? Support for Women in the Second Half of Life   Tap into group synergy while you release and explore your creativity.  The second half of life holds many gifts for the emerging crone.  We are in the home stretch of our lives?what legacy do you want to leave?  How can you live fully and vibrantly continuing into crone-hood.  How will you embody being a Grandmother to the World?  Explore these questions over a 6 week period of ever-deepening creative process.  Mother Earth needs her Wise Women to birth, nurture and embrace the Feminine Aspect.   Let?s do it together. $200 $25 materials fee

 Please contact Denise at [email protected] for more information.


Peacebuilding Circles Facilitation of Peacebuilding Circles for conflict resolution, decision making, celebration and more.  Highly respectful process that encourages inclusion, accountability and where every voice counts.  Contact Denise at [email protected] for more information.  Also see related blog post.


 The Art of Peacemaking By incorporating Expressive Arts activities into the Peacemaking Circle Process, participants are able to engage intra- and interpersonally in deeper ways.  This process engages the ?right brain? which contains important information that complements the logic of the ?left brain.?  This important information includes creativity, emotional material, a sense of connection to one?s inner truth and sense of purpose.  Making and sharing art is itself restorative and doing so in Circle creates and maximizes connection and reduces points of conflict.  Participants experience a greater sense of empathy for themselves and for others.  Expressive Art Peacemaking Circles can be designed to support conflict resolution, a greater sense of self-efficacy, and self- awareness and to explore a variety of issues particular to any group. Contact Denise at [email protected] with your ideas and needs to design a cost-effective  Expressive Arts Peacemaking Circle that works for you.



All prices are in Canadian Dollars.






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